Intuitive Eating.

I’m Christianna. I’m here to help you enjoy the benefits of eating more plants while staying true to the intuitive eating principles that help you improve your relationship with food and your body.

Your Plant Forward Guide

I’m Christianna Gozzi. I am a registered dietitian with dual masters degrees in psychology and nutrition. I’m also a food service industry professional and culinary expert. I know that there is a lot to navigate when you start the transition to eating more plants, especially for intuitive eaters.

It is very possible to avoid diet culture and live the principles of intuitive eating while still choosing to eat more plants and less meat. 

I’ve been there and I can help you get there.

My approach to nutrition is plant-forward, intuitive, weight-neutral, flexible, culturally-inclusive, fun and delicious!

Plant-Forward 101

Plant-forward means eating all plant-based foods you love, while still allowing for animal products in a way that supports your intuitive eatin goals. The Plant-Forward Playbook Nutrition Coaching Program is designed to provide you with everything you need to transition to plant-forward nutrition.

Join the plant-forward movement

Are you ready to eat more plants in intuitive ways? Unsure where to start? Let’s chat!

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