Food is meant To be Enjoyed

That’s my philosophy, anyway!

I’m Christianna Gozzi, your Connecticut based food and nutrition expert. I’m a registered dietitian, food industry professional, passionate baker and nutrition writer here to help you find joy and simplicity in eating the foods you love (especially plants).

Your Lunch is Ready!

The only FREE resource you need to learn how to plan and prepare nutritious, delicious and low-stress plant-forward meals. 

  • The 4 C’s (Collect, Check, Cart and Cook) of the Plant-Forward Meal Prep Checklist.
  • Know how to stock a plant-based kitchen
  • Have a database of delicious plant-based recipes from trusted food blogs.
  • Recognize how meal prep can be used to reduce food waste and save you money and time.
  • Have a full month of done-for-you plant-based meal planning and prep.

Let's Refresh your relationship with Food

I am your Connecticut-based food and nutrition expert. I am a registered dietitian nutritionist and food industry professional. I specialize in:

  • Intuitive eating and gentle nutrition
  • Plant-based and plant forward nutrition including transitions and complexities within vegan and vegetarian diets.
  • Nutrition before, during and after pregnancy.
  • All things foodie-focused in the state of Connecticut

I’m also an expert nutrition writer and content creator for food and wellness brands.

Join the plant-forward movement

Are you ready to eat more plants in intuitive ways? Unsure where to start? Chat with me!

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