Journals for foodies

writing tools for the food lover

As a registered dietitian, people that love food are my kind of people!

That’s why I created a line of food-themed journals specifically designed for you! Perfect for:

  • Registered dietitians
  • Chefs and bakers
  • Food bloggers
  • Culinary and nutrition students
  • Dietetic interns

How to use your Journal for Foodies


If you are considering a pivot in your food and nutrition career, journaling can help you gain clarity and purpose. My journals are dotted so that you can draw and let your mind wonder

Kitchen notes

Whether you work in a professional kitchen or run your home kitchen like one, you can always use a notebook to keep track of par lists, special menus, new recipe ideas and more.

Culinary and Nutrition school

Be the coolest student in the kitchen or in your dietetic internship rounds with a food theme. Bonus they make a great gift for a professor, culinary instructor or dietetic preceptor.

Journal for Foodies: Options

All in Good Thyme: Guided Journal for Food & Nutrition Professionals

I know the money, time and dedication that goes into shaping a fulfilling career in the food and nutrition career. You deserve to have a meaningful career in the field of food and nutrition. I hope this guided journal can be a part of that journey.

Food Pun Dotted Journals

Show off your inner foodie and love of puns! These are fun, lighthearted dotted journals with a quirky food pun cover. They are colorful and unique and inspired by kawaii and retro designs.
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