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I started having IBS-like flare ups in my twenties. I tried to self-medicate with detoxes and elimination diets. I only felt worse.

I found myself in the office of a dietitian who helped me heal in a sustainable way. This propelled me into a new career path as a dietitian.

The truth is that I was destined to be a dietitian. I grew up on the apron strings of my grandmother Connie, the food service director at my high school. She taught me how to make people happy with food. 

I began a plant-based diet for health and animal welfare concerns. I quickly learned that our society makes it hard to eat less meat and more plants!

I found balance with plant-forward nutrition when I eventually became curious about eating meat again. I ditched diet culture and the idea that body weight is the best metric for health. 

Known for my relatable and dynamic style, I’ve reached thousands of people over through plant-forward menu planning, wellness program design, and cooking education in my role as a corporate dietitian. 

In 2022, I opened Gozzi Nutrition because I saw a need for a plant-based nutrition coaching rooted in real life. More plants, less judgement.

Originally from Connecticut, I lived in NYC for 15 years before moving to my home for now of Minneapolis.

Learn more about how to work with me here.

More About Christianna Gozzi

Education & Licenses

  • M.S Nutrition, Hunter College
  • Registered Dietitian, US
  • Licensed Dietitian, MN
  • M.A Psychology, Columbia University
  • B.A Psychology, Wagner College

Company Values

  • Science-based
  • Multicultural
  • Fun
  • Practical
  • Anti-diet culture

Professional Experience

  • 20 years in the food industry
  • Corporate wellness dietitian at largest healthcare company in the US.
  • Chef instructor, professional baker and food blogger.
  • Academic researcher and instructor
  • Dietetic Preceptor
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