Nutrition Counseling

Connecticut and Minnesota Based registered dietitian.

My primary specialties are

  • Helping people navigate plant-based and plant-forward nutrition.
  • Empowering pregnant people to make peace with food during pregnancy and postpartum.

I approach food from an intuitive eating and gentle nutrition perspective. 

I can work with you on a variety of issues. Just reach out!

Offering nutrition counseling services to residents of Connecticut and Minnesota (virtual appointments only for MN).

See below for more information on each of my specialties.

Plant Forward Intuitive Eating

The Plant-Forward Approach

The plant forward diet is non-diet approach to plant based nutrition that emphasizes plant-based foods like vegetables and fruits, plant-based proteins, whole grains, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices and plant oils without necessarily eliminating animal products completely.
plant forward playbook
What's Included
  • Four individual virtual nutrition coaching sessions with me. The initial session is 90 minutes, and the follow-ups are 45 minutes.
  • Medical nutrition therapy for your specific nutrition situation. Plant forward diets are helpful for managing blood pressure, cholesterol, kidney disease, gout, IBS and overall nutrition.   
  • In between sessions, you have message access to me in the virtual coaching platform. I also give you regular feedback on your meals in your food journal.
  • Eight educational modules including cooking lessons, meal planning tools, recipes, and nutrition education.
  • Ongoing support in my social media community.
I offer two payment plan options. 
  • Initial consultation. You leave the initial session with a plan for the upcoming week.
  • As soon as you enroll, you gain immediate access to the first 2 modules of content (listed below). You also gain immediate access to Food and Mood Journal and the Meal Planning Tools that we’ll use each week through the program

Plant-Forward Nutrition 101
Learn what a plant-forward diet is (and what it isn’t)
Explore the health and environmental benefits of eating more plants
Understand what separates plant-forward from a vegan or vegetarian diet.
Be aware of the nutrition considerations in eating more plants

Building Balanced Plant-Forward Meals:
Understand what it means to build a balanced meal
Explore recipes that showcase how to build a balanced meal including topped toasts, earth bowls, life-affirming salads, snack mixes and super smoothies.

  • We have our first follow up (you’re doing great, BTW)
  • Understand how your body uses protein.
  • Learn how to cook and enjoy tofu, tempeh, lentils and chickpeas.
  • Explore how to add animal-based protein into meals if you choose and how to select plant-based meats.
  • We have our second follow up session
  • Recognize how the colors in fruits and vegetables tell a rich, flavorful and nutritious story. 
  • Enjoy colorful recipes that show you how to braise, roast, glaze and slaw different types of produce. 
  • Learn what marketing terms like organic and GMO really mean. 
  • Understand how to properly store produce and fresh herbs
  • Learn how to create plant-forward versions of comfort food classics like oatmeal, flatbreads and pizzas, burgers and sandwiches, pasta, noodles and risotto, tacos and refreshing fruit-infused beverages.
  • PLUS gain access to the bonus module featuring better-for-you recipes for cookies, donuts and crackers.
  • We have our final follow up session. Remember to join the Facebook group for ongoing support!

Plant-Forward Package Pricing

Payment plan

Two payments $600
$ 1200

Pay in full

save $200
$ 1000

more questions?

Discovery call
Let's work together
Pregnancy Nutrition

Congratulations! I’m also an expectant mom. As a registered dietitian, I offer nutrition counseling to help with a variety of pregnancy concerns:

  • Feel empowered not scared around food during pregnancy
  • How to decide which prenatal supplements are best for you. 
  • Manage morning sickness, constipation, diarrhea and heartburn through nutrition therapy
  • Plan your diet with digestive disorders like IBS, IBD and special dietary considerations like food allergies in mind.
  • Feel confident in your relationship with your body image.
  • Safely navigate gestational diabetes

Package pricing available. 

Pregnancy Nutrition Pricing

Individual session

60 minutes
$ 175

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Discovery call

common questions

We specialize in intuitive eating, plant based nutrition, IBS and nutrition before, during and after pregnancy.

My approach to nutrition is weight-neutral. I work with people in all sized bodies. We focus on developing healthy habits rather than using weight as indicator for health. 

It depends.

If you have been diagnosed with an eating disorder, then this program is not right for you. Please seek the support of a registered dietitian that specializes in eating disorders. If you are having trouble finding a provider, contact me and I can help you find one.

If you have a history of orthorexia or obsession with “clean” eating. Or if you’ve engaged in dieting or restriction to shrink your body, then book a discovery call. I have personal experience with this and may be able to help you.

I believe that all foods can fit. It is possible to make healthy changes (like eating more plants) without obsessing about everything you eat or focusing on weight loss. Don’t let diet culture ruin your pursuit of holistic wellness.

Send me an email at [email protected] and let’s chat. I’m open to single sessions depending on your situations. 

Yes, I would love to work with you. I can help you integrate animal products into your diet (in whatever quantity you want) in a judgment free environment.

Transitioning to a new way of eating takes time. I find that four weeks is a good sweet spot in between what busy people have time for and how long it takes to change habits.

I do not currently take insurance but I am working to get in network with insurance companies. I accept credit cards through my PracticeBetter platform. I can create a super bill for you upon request.

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