#002: Plant forward meal prep with ease

In episode 002, we discuss my proven approach to how to plan plant forward meals through my 4 C’s Plant-Forward Meal Prep Checklist.

Resources mentioned:

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Learn about Plant-Forward nutrition (including the Plant-Based Pantry resource I mentioned in this article. This checklist will help you learn how to plan plant forward meals with joy and simplicity.

  • Collect: maintain a database of your favorite plant-based foods
  • Check: review your calendar, peep your pantry, and cross-utilize.
  • Cart: make a list and head to the grocery store.
  • Cook: prepare your meals systematically.

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Note: the content from this podcast is not medical nutrition therapy. It is for educational and informational purposes only. It is not a substitute or replacement for medical care. If you are seeking individualized nutrition care, contact a dietitian or physician in your area.

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